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British Council Malaysia

2019年 12月 07日 (土曜日)


  • Eye-tracking colloquium: A talk, paper presentations, and discussion on the use of eye-tracking technology in language assessment research, with invited speaker Vahid Aryadoust (National Institute of Education Singapore). In association with Tobii Pro. Find out more about Eye-tracking colloquium  (PDF 404KB).
  • Online Learning: Neenaz Ichaporia (British Council Examinations and English Services, India) shares her knowledge and experience of delivering online training courses to support learners as they prepare for language tests, including practical examples of online tools that teachers can use for formative assessment. Find out more about Online learning  (PDF 351KB).
  • Statistics: “Measuring the unobservable: Introduction to latent variables and factor analysis using Mplus” with Dr Karen Dunn (British Council Assessment Research Group) & Dr. Janina Iwaniec (The University of Bath). Find out more about Statistics  (PDF 329KB).


Eye-tracking colloquium(於:横浜国立大学)ー半日 2,500円(税込)
Statistics Workshop(於:横浜国立大学)ー終日 5,000円(税込)
Online Learning Workshop(於:横浜国立大学)ー終日 5,000円(税込)


  • ワークショップへの参加および昼食





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