The British Council in Japan is a registered examination centre delivering Cambridge Assessment International Education qualifications: IGCSEs, International AS and A Level examinations; and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for higher education, professional organisations and governments.

To find out more about the International Education qualifications, please visit the International Education website
To find out more about the Admissions Testing, please visit the Admissions Testing website.

Please be aware that test methods written below cannot be held in the British Council in Japan.

  • Speaking/Oral Test
  • Practical Test
  • Any Coursework
  • Any subjects which private candidates are not allowed to take

* Please note that we are not be able to make entry for papers scheduled outside our office hours or on our office closing days (Saturdays and Sundays).
* Please contact us for subjects available.
* The British Council in Japan does not hold Cambridge O Level examinations.

Examination Periods

International Education

Written examinations are held twice a year:

  • May/June Exam Series
  • October/November Exam Series

Registration deadline is subject to change each year. Please refer to the Course Options and Price list for more details.
Please read and submit your Cambridge International AS&A LEVEL Entry Form (PDF 269KB) or Cambridge International IGCSE Entry Form (PDF 231KB) to the British Council Examinations Services Unit by e-mail.

Admissions Testing

The test dates for the November test session for 2021 are: 3 November 2021 and 4 November 2021. Please visit the individual test pages to find details of entry fees (where applicable) and key dates, as these vary for each test.

Registration is open on 1 September 2021 (9:30am Japan Standard Time).

The deadline to apply for modified papers (e.g. enlarged print) is 30 September 2021 (5:00pm Japan Standard Time).

The standard registration deadline is 1 October 2021 (5:00pm Japan Standard Time). Late fees will apply after this standard registration deadline.

The final registration deadline and the deadline to apply for Access Arrangements (e.g. extra time) is 15 October 2021 (5:00pm Japan Standard Time).

Examination Fees

Exam Fees vary depending on subjects. Please contact us for further information.

International Education

Course Options and Price List (PDF 219KB)
*Price quoted includes local fee covering British Council cost and board fee for International Education..

Admissions Testing 

The British Council’s examination fees are in addition to the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing entry fees. Our examination fees cover the receipt and safe-keeping of examinations papers, invigilator costs, provision of an examination room, returning of examinations papers to overseas institutions by courier (DHL), correspondence and administration costs. The total amount is subject to assessment type and duration. Please contact us for your total examination fees amount when submitting your registration form.

How can I sit an examination at the British Council?

International Education

Once you have decided what subject you would like to take, please fill in the registration form below and send to the Examinations Services Unit by e-mail or by post. We will get back to you in due course.
*Please be aware that we neither sell any practice materials for International Education nor offer any courses.

Admissions Testing 

To register, please complete the British Council Registration Form and the relevant Cambridge Assessment Registration Form. Then, submit both forms with a proof of payment by email,, well before the registration deadline. The registration forms can be downloaded at the Downloads area below.

Note: separate registration forms are only for the BMAT, TMUA and MAT tests. For all other admissions tests, please use either the University of Oxford Admissions Tests Registration Form or the University of Cambridge Pre-Interview Assessments Registration Form.

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