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Q. I am looking for promotional materials (posters, flyers, stickers, flags etc.) to showcase UK culture. 
We do not provide physical materials. Please view the Britain is Great and UK Culture pages in LearnEnglish for free resources. 


Q. I am looking for funding for organising UK arts events in Japan. Can British Council help?
A. We are the UK's cultural relations organisation and not an arts funding body.
Please do check out these funding bodies below for opportunities that may be available to you;

Q. Where can I find information on Japanese art scene?
A. Please check these websites below for information.


JSPS Summer Programme 2020

The information about JSPS Summer Programme 2020


Q. Do I have to be a UK passport holder to apply? 
A. Yes. In order to apply, you must be a UK national and hold a UK passport.

Q. I am a non-UK passport holder studying at a UK-based institution. Can I apply? 
A. No. Unfortunately, only UK passport holders can apply through the British Council.

Q. Do I have to be a PhD student to apply? 
A. PhD students as well as M.Phil. students enrolled at a UK university are eligible to apply.

Q. Can Master’s students apply? 
A. Yes, if you are enrolled on a research degree (M.Phil.). Students on taught degree Master’s programmes are not eligible.

Q. I am on an integrated undergraduate/Master’s programme. Am I eligible to apply? 
A. No. Unfortunately, only M.Phil. and PhD students are eligible.

Q. Do I need to apply for a visa? 
A. For the latest and more detailed information on visa, you are advised to refer to the website of the Embassy of Japan in the UK. Please be noted, British Council is not authorised to judge individual cases and offer personalised advise. 

Q. I am a UK passport holder studying at a non-UK based institution can I apply? 
A. Your home university must be based in the UK. If you are currently doing research at another institution or living outside of the UK you are still eligible to apply if your home university is based in the UK. We do not accept applications from UK citizens whose main institution is overseas. 

Q. Although my home university is a UK based institution, I am currently living overseas/visiting at a different institution. Can I apply? 
A. Yes.

Q. Recently I have applied for a short term fellowship award with JSPS. Would I also be allowed to apply for this award? 
A. Those who have previously been awarded a fellowship under the JSPS Fellowship Programmes are not eligible. 


Q. What makes a strong application?

  • Clear goals for your research plan, which links to wider research interests and includes an achievable outcome for the 2 month programme.
  • Some knowledge of where/with whom you would like to conduct research.
  • Interest in and willingness to engage with Japan, and the potential to establish future links with Japan whether individually or institutionally.
  • Achievements to date including past research, publications and prizes.

We welcome applications from those who have never visited Japan to conduct research.

Q. When is the application deadline?
A. 15th January 2020, 11:59pm GMT

Q. Can I send my application by postal mail?
A. Yes, however we would prefer the application to be sent via email.

Q. Can I hand in my application directly to the British Council office in Tokyo?
A. Yes, however we would prefer the application to be sent via email. Applications will not be accepted at British Council offices in the UK.

Q. Do I need a reference from my home institution? 
A. No, however a reference from your institution may have a positive impact on your application. 

Q. I have received an acceptance email from my prospect host institution in Japan. Is that sufficient or do I need a formal letter? 
A. An email from your prospect host institution is acceptable provided we can verify it e.g. the date it was sent, sender email address etc. is clearly visible. Please forward the email to the British Council. However, you will eventually need to forward a formal letter of acceptance from your prospect host institution via e-mail (as attachment) to British Council.

Q. My research is very specialised and includes several field specific technical terms. Is this ok? 
A. Yes, we very much welcome and expect high quality and very technical applications. However, please bear in mind that the selection committee may include individuals who are not from your field and so your research should be clearly introduced, and be made understandable to those from diverse backgrounds. 

Q. Is any knowledge of Japanese language assumed or required for the programme?
A. Japanese language proficiency will not affect your application. No previous knowledge of Japanese language will be required to apply for this programme, and having some knowledge of Japanese language will be by no means detrimental. 

Q. Can the eligibility criteria be changed in special circumstances?
A. Unfortunately the eligibility criteria are set for each application year and cannot be changed for that year. It is however reviewed every year and the eligibility criteria may change, so please keep checking our website or send an enquiry for updates. 

Q. Can the dates of the summer programme be changed? 
A. Unfortunately the schedule cannot be changed. Please note that all components of the programme are compulsory, and consider applying only if you can attend all components.

Q. Can you assist me to find suitable host institutions?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support applicants in finding suitable host institutions. Many applicants find host institutions through their supervisors so we recommend you speak with your supervisors to see whether they have contacts at Japanese universities or research institutes.

In addition to the List of Eligible Institutions features in the Application Guideline, the following online database of Japan-based researchers, “researchmap,” managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency, may be useful to identify your potential host researcher(s).


Q. Are there any other fellowships for foreign doctoral/postdoctoral researchers?
A. JSPS offers several fellowship programmes for foreign doctoral/postdoctoral researchers.  You can find further information on JSPS's website.
Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)


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