Entrance Examination

We hold entrance examinations on behalf of boarding schools in the UK. 

Badminton School
Kingston Grammar School
St George's School, Ascot
St Leonards-Mayfield School
St Paul's School
Tonbridge School

How can I sit an examination at the British Council?

In order to take entrance exams at the British Council Japan, please contact the school you would like to apply for and receive their permission to take exams here.

Please note:

  1. We can conduct paper-based tests only.
  2. All the examinations will be held during our office hours which are from Monday to Friday (except national holidays), starting at 10:00 or 14:00 (Japan local time).

Local Fee (paid by either candidate or school) 

Administrative Fee

  • 20,000yen (excluding tax) (per candidate & per exam period)

Paper Fee

  • 10,000yen  (excluding tax)  (2hrs or more exam)
  • 5,000yen (excluding tax)  (less than 2hrs exam per paper)