Examinations for institutions

Over 2 million people took exams with the British Council last year. We offer a wide range of exams, from English tests to school and business qualifications, in more than 90 countries worldwide. We connect people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the academia and business world. 

What we offer

Starting with the world-wide well-known English language test to a professional qualification, our invigilation service covers various areas in the exam industry with full experience and excellent customer care.  As the examination centre, what we offer are; 

  • Liaison with University/Institution,
  • Receipt and storage of examination papers, 
  • Arrangements for venue and invigilation/Room & Invigilator’s fees,
  • Informing the candidates of the arrangements for the examination and
  • Charges for the return of answer scripts to the university/institution.

Who we work with

We have earned a tremendous reputation as the top-invigilation service centre from not only the UK but also the rest of the world. These are some examples of exams and institutions we currently offer at the British Council in Japan; 

English Tests

  • Aptis

School Exams

  • Cambridge Assessment
  • Edexcel

University Exams

  • University of London International Programme
  • Open University
  • Manchester Business School
  • Deakin University

Professional Exams 

  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • APMG

Terms and conditions, and the application process

Terms and conditions

In order to hold exams at the British Council in Japan, please be aware of the terms and conditions below; 

  1. We can conduct paper-based tests only,
  2. All the examinations will be held during our office hours which are from Monday to Friday (except national holidays), starting at 10:00 or 14:00 (Japan local time).

The application process

If you would like us to administer your examinations, please contact us by email. 

Fee per candidate and cancellation policy

Local Fee

You/your students will need to pay the local fee to cover our cost. 

Administrative Fee

  • 20,000yen (excluding tax) (per candidate & per exam period)

Paper fee

  • 10,000yen (excluding tax) (2hrs or more exam)
  • 5,000yen (excluding tax) (less than 2 hrs exam per paper)

Cancellation policy

Institutions are expected to notify the British Council any cancellation of a test in writing of any candidate wishing to defer, cancel or withdraw from an examination after arrangements have been finalised as soon as possible.

  • Administrative fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Claims for a refund of the local fee per paper will only be accepted if
  1. supported by a medical certificate from a recognised medical practitioner OR
  2. if the university or exam board rejects the candidate’s examination application.