HSC(Higher School Certificate)

On behalf of the Board of Studies in New South Wales, Australia, we deliver the HSC (Higher School Certificate) in October/November every year.

How can I sit an examination at the British Council?

In order to take HSC examinations, please register with the Board of Studies through the school you attend in Australia.
The Board of Studies will inform us of your candidate information. We will contact you to explain the details of the exams. (Usually after late-July)

Local Fee and Board Fee

You will need to pay the local fee and Board fee to British Council to cover our cost.

Administrative Fee

  • 20,000 yen (excluding tax) (per candidate & per exam period)

Paper Fee

  • 10,000 yen  (excluding tax) (2hrs or more exam)
  • 5,000 yen (excluding tax) (less than 2 hrs exam per paper)


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