Students taking the IELTS test from the British Council, available in Japan.

Mat Wright

*In Japan, the British Council, together with our official partner Eiken Foundation of Japan, brings you IELTS at a variety of convenient locations on flexible test dates.

Take the IELTS test with British Council official test centres in Japan and get the help you need

When you book your IELTS test, you want to be focused on achieving the result you need to get where you want to go. 
So when you book IELTS with the British Council in Japan / Eiken Foundation of Japan, we ensure your booking process is as easy as possible, We also provide you with the support you need on your way to your IELTS test in Japan.

Get exclusive preparation materials including practice tests for IELTS and additional benefits when you book IELTS with British Council official test centres in Japan

IELTS Ready Member IELTS Ready Premium

Free to all on sign up even without booking an IELTS test

Free access upon booking IELTS with us

Book in advance to make the most of this premium and exclusive preparation offer!

  • Free online access to 6 mock tests and speaking practice
  • Practice exercises for all question types
  • Tips and videos for score improvement
  • Free IELTS preparation webinars
  • 8 videos for new test takers and 4 for repeat test takers
  • Personalised study plan
  • 40 full practice tests
  • 25 Academic and 15 General exams available, for all four sections of the test
  • Live and recorded lessons
  • Adaptive practice questions tailored to test takers’ abilities
  • Comprehensive guidance and model answers to enhance test takers’ performance in reading, writing, and listening sections
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy IELTS booking online in Japan: You can book online through Eiken Foundation of Japan website.
  • Convenient dates and locations: We have 15 test locations in Japan. This means that you have a huge range of options for where and when you want to take your test.
  • Five extra Test Report Forms (TRF) free: Get five additional copies of your Test Report Form sent free directly to institutions you are applying to (e.g. universities, immigration offices, etc.).
  • Carefully selected venues: There are 850 official British Council IELTS test centres in the world, and all of them have modern facilities and are well-located.
  • Professional, friendly staff: Highly trained and experienced staff to ensure that your test day runs smoothly. 

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