Be prepared for your IELTS exam. Take advantage of our free practice tests. Learn about our recommended IELTS exam preparation materials and resources.

British Council has a wide range of learning materials to help you get the best possible IELTS score.

Online preparation materials

LearnEnglish website

The British Council also has a dedicated website called LearnEnglish which provides a number of English learning resources including:

  • videos
  • podcasts
  • grammar and vocabulary tutorials
  • business and work resources and magazine
  • games
  • IELTS tips
  • community networking opportunities.

It is an ideal resource to complement your IELTS training and give you more confidence when taking your IELTS test.

British Council IELTS preparation courses

We provide a number of preparation courses taught by highly qualified English language teachers with in-depth knowledge of IELTS tests. For further details of the preparation courses, please visit our IELTS preparation course page.

For extra preparation advice, you can check out TakeIELTS; and for more information about the test please go to