In order to register as a UK in JAPAN affiliate programme, the project must:

  • in principle, take place in Japan between September 2019 and August 2021.
  • promote excellence and innovation of the UK’s arts/culture sectors, demonstrating a strong presence of the UK. The project must also contribute to the development of the UK and Japan arts/culture sectors and develop international partnerships between the two countries. Links to the three main themes of “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Cities and Public Spaces” and “Digital Technology” are desirable.
  • be organised by a professional and trusted body, organisation or individual.
  • not, as its objective, promote any specific belief, ideology or religion, and must not violate public policy or accepted principles of morality.
  • adhere to the rules and regulations of the country hosting the event.
  • be financially viable, with the organisers fully responsible for costs.
  • must submit a report upon completion of the project, in the format specified by the British Council.


* A project may be refused affiliation even if the criteria are met.
* Even if affiliation is granted, this may be cancelled at any time if improper conduct is identified.
* Please inform the British Council immediately if any changes occur to the project, including cancellation.
* Affiliation is voluntary. The British Council is not legally responsible for any contingency related to the project.
* Once affiliation is granted, separate guidelines will be provided on the procedures for logo use and advertising projects as an affiliate programme.
* The information is current as of August 2020 and may change without notification.

How to apply

Please read the guideline above and complete the following online form. You can switch the language (between English and Japanese) using the pulldown on the top right hand corner of the form. By submitting the form you agree to the guideline. We will review your submission and notify your result in 2 weeks.