The British Council supports international joint research contributing to climate change, a global issue. Prior to the COP26 Conference in Glasgow in November 2021, we are supporting new trilateral research collaborations between universities in Japan, the United Kingdom, and ASEAN countries, aimed at addressing climate change.

This new research funding draws together the strengths of Japanese and UK universities, alongside their ASEAN partners, to promote energy transition.

The award is supporting four projects (50,000 GBP each) totalling 30 million Japanese yen (200,000 GBP).

These projects are being carried out for one year from April 2021, and address the topics of green transport, decarbonisation, bioenergy, and water resources risk management.

The project titles and partner institutions are as follows:

  • Go-GREEN: Next Generation Solder Materials for Power Electronics and Green Electric Transport
    Liverpool John Moores University, Gunma University, Universiti Malaysia Perlis
  • A Software Framework for Optimal Decarbonisation Planning for ASEAN Countries
    University of Surrey, University of Tokyo, University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus), with De La Salle (Philippines) as an associate partner
  • Scaling-up Indonesian Bioenergy Potential through Assessment of Wallacea’s Plant Species: Data-Driven Energy Harvesting and Community-Centred Approach
    Birmingham City University, University of Tokyo, Gorontalo State University (Indonesia)
  • Integrated Strategies for Water Resources Risk Management in the ASEAN Region Under Climate Uncertainty: A needs analysis
    University of Southampton, Kyoto University, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Can Tho University (Vietnam)

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