Upper Secondary Plus: English courses for High School Students

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Learning that goes beyond the classroom

Secondary Plus is an exclusive, global English course, designed by experts especially for teenagers, aged 12-18. It is a stimulating, modular course with challenging tasks and projects that will build your confidence and help you reach your full potential. 
Learning to learn is a key feature of Secondary Plus which enables learners to become more effective and independent language learners. Throughout the course learners are guided and supported by their teacher and peers so they build positive relationships and learn with, and from, each other. 

Secondary Plus features: 

  • Delivered in an engaging magazine-style format 
  • A modular, project-based approach: stimulating up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks provide incentive for students to develop their communication skills in English
  • Learning how to learn: Secondary Plus encourages students to learn how to learn so they become more effective and independent language learners 
  • Development of core skills for learning: Secondary Plus develops the core skills and competencies of: Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving; Communication and Collaboration; Citizenship; Creativity and Imagination; Digital literacy; Student Leadership and Personal development
Upper Secondary Plus: English course for High School students
Working on practical tasks and projects in collaboration and cooperation with classmates. ©

Kenichi Aikawa

Upper Secondary Plus: English course for High school students
Final tasks often includes presentation where students have a chance to demonstrate language they have learned over the course ©

Kenichi Aikawa

Upper Secondary Plus Magazine

Specialist teachers

Our teachers are the world’s English experts. All British Council teachers hold professional teaching qualifications including CELTA, DELTA, PGCE, MA TESOL and TYLEC. They have extensive experience teaching teens. Our teachers receive ongoing training throughout the year to keep them up to date with the latest teaching methodologies. >>Meet some of our teachers here. 

Magazine-style materials

Instead of coursebooks, you will use stimulating magazines which have been designed by our team of experts. Up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks provide the incentive for students to develop their communication skills in English, as well as the core skills for learning. Magazines are supplemented by additional worksheets, some of which are tailor made by teachers based on the students’ immediate requirements. 

In classes, students will have opportunities to use various digital tools like tablets, computers and interactive white boards. We think that developing confidence in using technology helps our students become better at communicating, solving problems and expressing creativity.

Secondary Plus also links to the British Council’s highly acclaimed Secondary Plus Online Platform  and  Learn English Teens website, which provides students with additional stimulating and engaging learning content. 

A Modular, Project-based English learning

Secondary Plus is a group lesson split into three levels to cater for different abilities. You will be in a class with others of similar age and language level to you. Each of the level features eight modules. During class you have lots of time to speak English and practise pronunciation with your teacher and classmates.

You will work on real-world tasks that build up to a final project that has a real-life outcome, for example presentations, fun debates and practice interviews. Secondary Plus is designed to challenge you – and not just on your English. As you work alongside your fellow students, you will build leadership, collaboration and critical thinking skills, too. 

For example: 
1. To develop creativity and imagination
• you will learn about different cultures 
• you will be encouraged to be open-minded and imagine new ideas and develop curiosity 
• your end-of-module project is to interview musicians at an international musical festival. 

2. To develop leadership: 
• you will be encouraged to:

  • recognise the importance of honesty
  • understand how other people think and feel
  • be confident and responsible  

• your end-of-module project is to present at the World Hunger Summit and write a report on key issues.  

*Please refer ‘Secondary Plus 21-22 Course Overview’ for more details of each module and learning skills. 

Academic and Exam skills

Academic and exam skills are integrated into each module. Language contexts are matched with the demands of a range of exams, with different formats of tasks and example answers being analysed. You will: 

  • learn strategies for answering exam-type questions well
  • understand the skills needed to succeed in reading, writing, speaking and listening tests. 

Learning Hub: Online Guided Learning

Your teacher sets you activities to do online at home at your own pace and this prepares you for next class and build reading, listening and vocabulary skills. This will help your feel confident and make more time to communicate with teacher and classmates, practice grammar in class and receive more personalised feedback from your teacher.  

Students activities with more than English

Throughout a year, we will run various events for students and parents that includes Global Young Learners Art Competition, Cultural festival and Speech Contest. Also, we will run a workshop and events that inspires students. Topics may include an introduction of IELTS, preparation for studying abroad and British Culture. Teachers can also provide guidance on how to use additional online resources including the Learn English Teens and other British Council websites and apps. 

A Sense of Progress


At the end of each lesson, you will reflect on what you have learned and what you wish to improve through self-assessment upon completion of each lesson. This will encourage yourself to be more aware of their own learning.

Feedbacks from teacher

Your learning progress is monitored by the teacher in each lesson as part of an ongoing assessment measurement tool. Your performance in four key skill areas is assessed (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and performance in other non-linguistic areas including teamwork, task completion, and behaviour.
As well as receiving feedback every lesson, at the end of each semester each student will receive a progress report. Each report will have specific details on areas of good performance, and areas where improvement can be made, along with practical advice and suggestions for further development. 


 We are offering courses at Upper Secondary Plus levels 2 to 3, with placement according to the English ability of students.


Students must be studying at High School and aged between 15-18 years old when the course starts. (Japanese High School years 1-3)


CEFR level: A2- B2
*Please refer to ‘Young Learners Progression chart’ at the bottom of this page.

Class Style

Group lesson


Term 1: Saturday 3 April 2021 - Saturday 17 July 2021 (15 weeks) *
Term 2: Saturday 4 September 2021 - Saturday 11 December 2021 (15 weeks)
Term 3: Saturday 8 January 2022 - Saturday 12 March 2022 (10 weeks)

*There are no lessons between 29 April 2021 and 5 May 2021.
*You can register for the course anytime, even after the term has started. 

[2022-2023 Early bird discount campaign! (Close date: Sun 19 December 2021)]


British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)


Every Saturday 17:30- 20:30

*Three-hour lesson includes 15 minute break.
*Please refer to ‘Secondary Plus 2021 Timetable and Lesson Format’ for more details at the bottom of this page.
*Please be aware this timetable is subject to change. Dates and times may be altered and there may be class cancellations or additional classes added. 

【Study Support】We offer face-to-face Study Support every week. This is designed to allow students who are sick or have a school event to be able to catch up on missed work.

Course Fee

Term 1 (45 hours) : 193,050 yen (incl tax)
Term 2 (45 hours) : 193,050 yen (incl tax)
Term 3 (30 hours): 128,700 yen (incl tax) 
*4,290 yen (incl tax) per hour

*Materials are included. No registration fee required. 

Find out more – Three steps to register

1.Book a Free Consultation
Choose a suitable date and time and book a free online consultation from the booking form.

2.Free Placement test
Take our free placement test (online writing test) before the consultation day.

3.Consultation & Speaking Check (30-40 minutes)
Please discuss your child’s learning needs with our professional consultants. We will recommend a level that suits your child due to the results of online placement test and speaking check conducted by our teachers.

* The child must be accompanied by parent or guardian for the consultation.

The health, safety and well-being of all our staff and customers is our top priority. 

You can be assured that we have put in place measures in line with government guidelines to keep you and your child safe when you visit our centres. In the event of a second wave of Covid-19, we may have to close our centres again. We have the systems in place so that your child’s learning experience will continue online with minimal disruption for them. 
Safety measure for our onsite English courses

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