Hamada Shoji "Pot with iron painted decoration" c.1922  Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art
Sunday 28 June 2020 to Sunday 08 November 2020
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art/Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko

The exhibition, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Leach Pottery, introduces the development of British studio pottery from around 1920 to the present and that of Mashiko's studio pottery starting from Hamada Shoji.
There will be three sections: 1. The Dawn of Studio Pottery (featuring the early period of the Leach Pottery) / 2. The Attraction of British Studio Pottery (from 1920s to the present) / 3. Studio Pottery in Mashiko (unknown aspects of Mashiko pottery). The exhibition is a culmination of Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art's work in the past 25 years and will be one of the first shows in Japan focusing on how the consciousness of studio potters developed. 170 pieces by 60 Japanese and British artists will come together in the show.

Sunday 28 June – Sunday 8 November 2020 
Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art/Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko
*The schedule might change depending on future circumstances. Please check the official website.

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