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Sunday 01 August 2021 - 10:00 to Sunday 08 August 2021 - 15:30

In this 45-minute trial lesson, your child will get to try some activities from our Primary Plus English courses for Elementary School students, or Secondary Plus English courses for Junior High School and High School students. You will have the chance to see our materials and get a taste of our positive learning environment. You can also book a free English level check (speaking test) with our teachers for your child. 

Try our mini-lesson and get ready for the new semester!

About our English courses for Young Learners

Our courses are shaped by 80 years of experience and are trusted by thousands of parents worldwide every year. In the courses, students tackle real-life tasks, work in groups and craft researched answers and find innovative solutions. The tasks are specially designed to match their developmental level, ensuring familiarity to the situation they learn in. Every five weeks, they will work on one topic with various type of activities and tasks using globally designed materials (magazines) and will then do a presentation as a final task on the last day. Student progress is monitored by the teacher and feedback is given each lesson.

Based on the principle of effective teaching in a positive environment, we believe these combined aspects elevate English from a short-term outcome to a lifelong skill. This helps to enable your child to work towards a future where they can succeed in a global world and enjoy using English with others.

>Secondary Plus: English Courses for Junior High & High School students

Primary Plus trial lesson is closed due to full capacity.


Date: Sunday 1 August 2021, Sunday 8 August 2021

[Primary Plus]

  • For Elementary School grade 1-3 students: 10:00-10:45, 13:30-14:15 [1 Aug only] 
  • For Elementary School grade 4-6 students: 11:15-12:00

[Secondary Plus]

  • For Junior High School students: 13:30-14:15
  • For High School students: 14:45-15:30

*Same time schedule for both days. 
*Please choose the grade as of 1 September 2021.
Elementary School Grade 1-3 class (Sun 1 August) is fully booked. 

Suitable for: Students who are attending an Elementary School/ Junior High School/ High School as of 1 September 2021, and parents/guardians

Venue: British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)

Capacity: Capacity: Maximum of 6 pairs for each session

Admission: Free

How to join: Please book your seats from the booking form below.

Elementary School Students
Junior High School/High School Students

*The English level check (speaking test) is available on booking basis. It will take place after the trial lesson and will last 15 minutes in total. We will guide you on the day of trial lesson. Depending on demand we may ask you to wait 10-15 minutes. Thank you for your understanding regarding this. 
Alternatively, if you are not able to attend the Level Check on the day, please let us know and we can arrange an online appointment at another time.

*All children are asked to be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

*Please note that in order to ensure social distancing, attendance is limited to one parent per children. Please also avoid bringing along siblings etc.

*All attendees are asked to please wear a mask and to cooperate with temperature checks and hand sanitising at the entrance.

Contact: British Council English Teaching Centre (Tue-Fri 13:00-19:00, Sun 10:00-17:00)
Email: courses@britishcouncil.or.jp

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