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Taking the ‘guesswork’ out of language progress

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 Fostering independent and interactive deep learning by means of establishing curriculum management (PCDA establishment) on a per school level as laid out in the new curriculum guideline, is getting a lot of attention. To implement those goals in English classes, each school needs to set learning objectives and assessments that measure progress based on what students can do.

 We develop our English language courseware and assessment on a single scale – the Global Scale of English (GSE). The GSE is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as well as the Common Scale of English (EIKEN), so that you can move seamlessly between courses and exams at any level, visualizing your students’ language progress with built-in monitoring tools and addressing the needs required by the guideline.

 We have also developed artificial intelligence systems that automate English language assessment. We combine advanced speech recognition and exam grading technology with the insight of English experts around the world, to develop patented software that accurately measures language ability across 4 skills and provides detailed diagnostics on test performance. Those technologies have been embedded on; 

  • Placement to put students in an appropriate course or class
  • Benchmarking test such as Progress and Versant to measure and monitor student progress over a period of time
  • PTE Academic to verify students’ English language ability for study abroad or immigration. 

Find out more on various courseware and assessments that Pearson has, what each of them is designed for and how you can make best use of them depending on your needs.

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