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The world is an incredible place. It inspires curiosity and motivates learning. At National Geographic Learning we want to reflect it as accurately as we can through content that is authentic, compelling, fascinating and often amazing.

In our learning materials, we focus on authentic global content that teaches English and introduces learners to aspects of the world that they have not yet experienced. We believe that in this century global knowledge is an essential skill, and you can’t understand the world if you don’t experience it. We want learners to experience it through our materials.

We hope to give students reasons to communicate, and the tools to do so effectively. We want each learner to find her or his own voice in English, so they can use it to successfully navigate this incredible world, in whatever goals they have – work, study, or play. Our exclusive partnerships with National Geographic and TED provide a unique opportunity to inspire, expand global awareness, and teach students how to be leaders, through learning English.

Using National Geographic Learning English language programs, students learn about their world by experiencing it. Because we teach English and we teach the world. 

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