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BCT-S (British Council TUFS -- Speaking Test for Japanese Universities) is a university entrance exam speaking test jointly created with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the British Council.

Please check here for BCT-S test contents(PDF 516KB) 

Development history and utilization results

The British Council believe that it was necessary to resolve the gap between what existing tests could evaluate and what users wanted to see. Therefore, Aptis, which is the base of BCT-S, was developed. Aptis has been available worldwide since 2011 as an evaluation tool that allows users to select the skills to be evaluated and customize them according to the attributes of the examinees.

The current  major change in Japan’s university entrance reform is affecting not only the "university entrance examination" but also the general selection conducted by each university, a test to make the new entrance examination system function as a more educationally useful system and BCT-S was developed with the aim of implementing it.

Features of BCT-S:

BCT-S measures the English speaking proficiency of test takers, from A1 (Beginner) to C (Advanced). The test questions are written to give Japanese High School graduates their best chance of demonstrating their English language skills. The test is taken on a tablet and takes about 12 minutes to complete. The test has four parts and the difficulty level of the test parts increases as the test progresses.

(1)Test-takers answer questions about themselves and their daily lives
(2)Test-takers describe a photo and answer questions related to the activity in the photo with reference to their lives
(3)Test-takers compare two photos and answer evaluative questions related to the activity in the photo giving reasons to explain preferences
(4)Test-takers talk about their own experiences and opinions related to an abstract topic


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