Student reviews

What students on our adults courses say

I used to hesitate to speak because I was afraid of making mistakes in front of other students, but the teacher encouraged me to take the initiative in conversation. I have learned a lot of natural phrases by asking questions to teachers. When my teachers told me I was ready to move up to the next level, I felt confidence in my speaking skills.

Yasuko Takahashi, MyClass student

Through learning in MyClass, my range of vocabulary and expressions, including idioms, has increased. I like this course because I could not only improve my English skills but also learn about British culture and different points of view. It is interesting to learn the history and the background of words and phrases.

S.H., MyClass student

I found it difficult to understand the IELTS exam tasks and criteria by myself, but the teacher explained everything clearly. With the teacher’s help and advice, I was able to improve in all four skills. It was also stimulating to learn with diverse classmates with different goals.

Sanshiro Kubota, IELTS preparation course student

During each lesson, the teacher listened carefully to my English, corrected my mistakes, and taught me more natural words and phrases. I am a trainee interpreter and the teacher’s help and support gave me confidence with my interpreting skills. My pronunciation has improved a lot and I am now able to communicate more effectively.

Michiko, Customised course student

What students on our kids and teens courses say

It is good that there is plenty of time to practise speaking and writing so I am active in class. Also, we learn about various issues from a global perspective, so I started thinking more about the peace and equality in the world.

M.K., Secondary Plus student

Learning English with my classmates in pair work and group work is so much fun, such as doing quizzes and playing games together. After learning the past tense, I was happy that I was able to speak more in English about what I did with my mom and my friends.

Erika Tabet, Primary Plus student

The teacher is very enthusiastic and friendly, and he encourages me to talk more and more. He teaches us very gently even if I make mistakes, and that makes me want to talk more. I really enjoy discussing and learning different ideas from other students. Also, it is great that teacher introduces words and phrases one by one so I could learn a lot of vocabulary.

N.T., Secondary Plus student

I really had fun in the lesson themed ‘Party’, discussing and writing down the ideas on the topic with my classmates. My teacher always explains everything carefully and patiently and group work is enjoyable.

M.O., Primary Plus student