#inoneword campain

Share a word that resonates with you for English Day

All of our lives have been impacted by the pandemic. As you look to the future or reflect back the past year, is there a single word that comes to mind?

April 23 is English Language Day, one of the United Nations' language days celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity. To mark the day, the British Council is running a campaign called 'In One Word’. We invite you to reflect on what is important to you, the things you are most looking forward to or simply something that you like #inoneword.

Please share an English word and tell us why you chose it in either Japanese or English.

Every word shared will help to build a connection between people in Japan and around the world. Everyone is welcome to join, and we look forward to your posts.

■ Posting period:

23rd April (Friday) - 28th April (Wednesday)

■ How to post:

1. Share a word in English that is important to you, and tell us why (the explanation can be in either English or Japanese)

2. Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #inoneword

3. Include @jp_British in your post

4. Feel free to also follow us on Twitter @jp_British.

※Please note that it can be a proverb or a short sentence, not just one word.
※You can submit a video, a photo or any other visual.

Your post may be featured on @jp_British Twitter page or on the British Council website and other social media. Thank you for your understanding in advance.