Miles Cumpstey

Saturday 31 August 2019 to Sunday 29 September 2019

Music Hackspace, host to a London based community of programmers and sound artists exploring the relationships between music and technology, is collaborating with Nozomu Matsumoto and Nile Koetting, who head the virtual sound space EBM(T), on their exhibition entitled “Immunotherapy”. The exhibition unveils further developments on the Climatotherapy piece exhibited at Somerset House in London last year. This newly created sound installation focuses on digital technology and the mutual relationships between humans and the environment, building on UK-Japan joint research while examining issues which have progressed to an advanced stage in Japan, such as care of the elderly in a super-aging society and communication via social robots.   

Dates/opening hours:
Saturday 31 August - Sunday 29 September 2019 11.00-19.00 
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Holidays 


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