*Applications are open to all India, Japan and UK-based researchers who are interested to join and contribute to a fully sponsored multinational symposium encompassing various activities with a specific emphasis on the ISPF theme Resilient Planet.

Notification: Extension of Application Deadline

New Application Deadline: 23 January 2024, 23:59 (UK Time)

Please be aware that each country operates on its own unique schedule, and this specific application page is exclusively intended for Japan-based applicants. If you are from India or the UK, we kindly request that you visit the relevant British Council country websites for information on opportunities available in your respective locations.

The multinational research collaboration programme, with a specific emphasis on the ISPF theme Resilient Planet, serves as a platform to unite researchers, policymakers, and representatives from international organisations. The programme's Year 1 main event spans for three days and encompasses various activities with the aim of identifying needs for future funding streams for international mobility and collaboration.

  • An academic symposium will be organised, primarily targeted towards early career researchers but also attended by senior researchers leading plenary sessions at the 3 day workshop. The symposium will provide an opportunity for researchers to showcase their work, discuss emerging trends, and engage in productive dialogue. It aims to foster a supportive environment that empowers early career researchers and encourages their contributions to the field.
  • A day of site visits will be arranged for participants to explore universities and research centres. This enables them to gain insights into ongoing research projects, witness state-of-the-art facilities, and potentially discover areas for collaboration.
  • A facilitated discussion to scope the needs, priorities and recommendations for Year 2 funded activities including sub-themes and target audience.

The costs of international travel and accommodation for participants will be covered the British Council following agreements in advance with international partner organisations.

Time and location

The event will take place in Delhi, India, 4-6 March 2024. 

The symposium

The symposium will bring together around 45 early career researchers and 15 senior researchers based in the UK and from international partners to discuss key questions around the theme of ‘Resilient Planet. The symposium is designed specifically to encourage collaboration and networking between early career researchers. In advance of the symposium, participants will be able to discuss their research and exchange ideas among themselves; begin to discuss the session themes; and make connections for possible future activities.

Who is this opportunity for?

This opportunity opens to early career researchers. Senior researchers will be invited by the British Council in collaboration with partner organisations.

Our expectations for researchers

We expect that early career researchers to:

  • Present their research findings through oral or poster presentations.
  • Participate actively in conference sessions and workshops.
  • Participate in panel discussions related to their research area.
  • Engage in discussions, receiving feedback, and networking with other attendees.

 We expect senior researchers to:

  • Present a keynote or invited talk based on their expertise and research experience.
  • Moderate conference sessions, ensuring smooth transitions and adherence to the schedule.
  • Share experiences, tips, and strategies for successful research and career progression.

We move toward greater inclusivity for early career researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, and we are no longer counting years spent in a specific career stage. You can find our definition of early career researchers in the application guidance.

Participating countries

The current call is open to applicants based at eligible institutions and organisations in India, Japan, and the United Kingdom, regardless of the applicant’s nationality.

Thematic focus of the symposium

The symposium will focus on interdisciplinary research to address major environmental challenges and to lead the green industrial revolution to protect the planet. Priority research themes include (not exhaustive):

  • Clean Energy
  • Extreme Weather and Climate
  • Agri-Tech
  • Environmental Resilience

How to apply

Please refer to the attached call documents for more information.

All application must be submitted via the application portal before the deadline set in the guidance.

Application Portal Link: https://britishcouncil2.formstack.com/forms/ispf_lb4_expression_of_interest



Date / Time

Launch the Call

24 November 2023

Deadline for Application

NEW: 23 January 2024, 23:59 (UK Time)


January 2024

Announcement of Results

Late January 2024

Inquiry Email: ISPFLB4@britishcouncil.org