Person bringing the screen of an iPad close to their left ear with their left hand and touching the screen as if playing the piano with their right hand

British Council Photo by Kenichi Aikawa 

Building an open, inclusive and accessible music culture

The British Council is working in partnership with the City of Kawasaki and UK Drake Music, to explore the creative and innovative uses of technology that improve music access for disabled people and support disabled musicians in achieving their full musical potential.

Since 2017, we have connected organisations and individuals in the UK and Japan to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, delivered DET (Disability Equality Training) sessions to deepen understanding of the 'Social Model of Disability' which is the foundation on which all our activities are based. We have also provided skills training for professional musicians in Japan to equip them with skills to lead inclusive participatory music making workshops with disabled participants.

Organisers: City of Kawasaki, British Council

Drake Music

Drake Music is a national arts charity working across the UK, with bases in Bristol, Manchester and London. Experts in inclusive music-making in education and in using technology to break down disabling barriers to music-making at all levels, they have been pioneering the use of assistive music technology to make music accessible for over 20 years. In that time they have developed a wealth of innovative and imaginative approaches to teaching, learning and making music.

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