Learn science through experiments on the stage

The Royal Institute ‘Christmas Lectures’ in Japan

 Partner: The Yomiuri Shimbun 

The Yomiuri Shimbun is planning and executing quality events and promotion related to culture, supports, education and art, including Darwin exhibition, Takamadonomiya cup English speech contest, The Louvre exhibition. 


The Yomiuri Shimbun wanted to introduce The Christmas Lecture to Japan as the one of popular Science experimental lecture in the UK which attracts British, so that it will also attract Japanese children to raise their interests about science through this fun event. But The Yomiuri Shimbun didn’t have any network, sponsors, or know-how of make this happen in Japan. 


British Council connected The Royal Institute and The Yomiuri Shimbun by activating their networks, and the event came true in Japan by the partnership with three organisations. 


The event was truly successful with the result of approx. 1000 participants and over 500,000 viewers of the TV program by NHK E-Tele nationwide. It was introduced as the great event which get to children’s heart. The event is now recognized as a social significance which is supported by a lot of top companies, and it became an annual summer event since 1990. 

 Endorsed by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 

Higher Education institutions are co-hosting this event such as Tokyo University in 2011, Keio University and Tohoku University in 2012 and Tokyo University of Science and Nagoya University in 2013. 

The 24th Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2013 [The Modern Alchemist]

Dr Peter Wothers is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. He will unpick the chemistry of the world around us - looking at Air, Water and Earth - three of the original ancient Greek ‘elements' that tantalised alchemists for centuries.

 The 23rd Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2012 [Meet Your Brain] 

Prof. Bruce Hood, Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre based at the University of Bristol revealed how brain works through analysing the mechanisms of illusion. 

 The 22nd Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2011 [Size Matters]

“Why chocolates melt smoothly in our mouth?” “Why the mountains in the earth are small?” The key to solve these questions is SIZE. 

Prof. Mark Miodownik, a British materials scientist, engineer, broadcaster and writer at University College London, helped you to explore the world of SIZE.