Professor Yoshinori Watanabe

YOSHINORI WATANABE is a professor of the Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. He holds a PhD from Lancaster University, focusing his dissertation on the washback effect of Japanese university entrance examinations. He has a long-standing interest in language learning strategies, language assessment, and CLIL, and he has a number of publications in these areas, including ‘Washback effects of college entrance examination on language learning strategies’, Washback in Language Testing (with Liying Cheng, Routledge), and many others. His latest contributions include CLIL Volumes I, II, and III (co-authored, Sophia University Press), and ‘Profiling lexical features of teacher talk in CLIL courses – The case of an EAP programme at higher education in Japan’ (International CLIL Research Journal). He is currently President of Japan Language Testing Association.

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