Executive Vice President, Tohoku University

Toshiya Ueki is the Executive Vice President of Tohoku University which is located in the city of Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, in the Tohoku region. Currently he is in charge of general affairs, international relations and academic affairs. As Executive Vice President for international relations, Prof. UEKI promotes international university exchange agreements and is actively engaged in international university consortia, contributing through this to the construction of Tohoku University`s global network. He also pursues the globalization of Tohoku University in Japan and abroad through the realization of the Tohoku University global strategy. As Professor at the School of Law, he conducts research on transnational law/international law and the theory of international law related to international organizations and the law of the sea.

He has also authored many books and scientific articles on international law and is a member of professional organizations such as the Japanese Society of International Law, the International Law Association, the Japanese Association of World Law and the American Society of International Law. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law. Before he was appointed Executive Vice President in 2006, he assumed the position as Dean of the Graduate and Faculty School of Tohoku University.