Wednesday 20 August 2008

The British Council presents “Education UK Exhibition Japan 2008” 
18 October in Tokyo and 19 October in Osaka 
80 UK University and Institution Representatives to Visit Japan 

The British Council is organising the Education UK Exhibition Japan 2008, a dynamic and informative introduction to UK education and creativity. The exhibition will be held on Saturday 18 October in Tokyo and Sunday 19 October in Osaka.  Approximately 2000 participants are expected to attend in Tokyo and Osaka combined. 

Representatives from 80 UK universities, colleges and English language institutions will visit Japan, providing potential students with information on studying in the UK.  80 institutions will participate in the Tokyo event and 60 institutions will participate in the Osaka event.  Participants can receive one-to-one personal advice from representatives from UK institutions. 

World-famous UK-based shoe-designer, Professor Jimmy Choo will also attend this year’s event. Choo’s shoes have adorned the feet of celebrities, pop stars and royalty, including the late Princess Diana. Choo will talk about UK creativity in relation to shoe design. His talk will be of particular interest to young Japanese who aspire to work in the fashion and design industries. 12 pairs of Choo’s shoes, one of which he especially designed for this Exhibition, will be on display. 

Other UK-related guests at the Tokyo event include Sound Cream Steppers, leading figures in the Japanese dance scene, and Guy Perryman, a British DJ with Inter FM. 

The Exhibition is part of the Education UK campaign, the British government’s initiative to promote UK higher education globally, and to attract more international students to the UK. The British Council manages the Education UK campaign on behalf of the British Government. 

Education UK Exhibition Japan 2008 Venue 

Date: Saturday 18 October 11:00 - 17:00 
Location: Tokyo International Forum  

Date: Sunday 19 October 13:00-18:00 
Location: Umeda Sky Building 10F Aura Hall 

Admission is free. No reservations required.      

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