Creativity Values Diversity

Mat Wright

The British Council respects diversity, and works to create opportunities to build mutual understanding and trust.

Valuing people

We treat people with courtesy and listen to what they have to say.
We consistently apply this attitude to all people we interact with, including our colleagues, customers and partners.
We believe that differences between ourselves and other people are a source of valuable possibilities.


We value honesty and sincerity.
Nobody trusts a person whose actions do not match his or her words.
We are committed to matching our actions to our words, and taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.


Our number one objective is to establish mutually rewarding, fruitful relationships with others whose views or thoughts differ from our own.
In order to achieve this, we establish shared goals and work with partners and customers towards the realisation of these goals.


We wish to communicate new ideas to the world in an environment in which parties can trust one another.
We make every effort to engage in innovative work, without being restricted by precedents or boundaries.
We aim to draw out the best of creativity from ourselves and from others.


We are careful to be true to our values and to keep promises.
As members of an international cultural relations organisation, we respect diversity, value interacting with people and always listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.
We deliver work to a high standard and accept individual and collective responsibility.