Sunrise at Ujibashi Bridge, Ise Jingu (around the winter solstice)
Sunrise at Ujibashi Bridge, Ise Shrine (around the winter solstice), photo by Jingushicho (Jingu Administration Office)

We have launched a programme for UK-based artists working in any art form, to travel to Japan for an artistic research residency as part of 'UK in Japan 2019-20'. The residency will take place over a period of two weeks in October 2019 in Ise City, the home of Ise Shrine, one of the most important and prestigious Shinto Shrines in Japan.

During the two-week research residency, five UK artists selected through an open call, will take part in a programme which includes: visits to hidden parts of Ise Shrine which are not generally opened to the public; travel to other cultural heritage sites and meetings with Japanese Shinto priests, craft makers, local residents as well as Japanese contemporary artists.

The residency has been developed by the British Council in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Tourism Ise City and will coincide with an exciting year of UK-Japan exchange titled ‘UK in Japan 2019-20’ jointly organised by the British Council and British Embassy Tokyo. While Japan will attract the global attention with these key moments, the residency will provide the UK artists a unique experience to encounter the beauty of Japanese culture and its tradition, explore its relevance to the 21st century and build new cultural relationships with Japan.

The open call for artists closed on 7 May 2019.

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