In this webinar teachers and teacher educators will gain understanding of how gender bias appears in textbooks by exploring recent research findings from Japan.  Teachers will be guided to recognise gender issues through analysis of sample EFL learning materials, using a problematising model, ‘Access to Gender Balance’.  They will practice applying the model to EFL learning content and experience EFL lessons that challenge gender bias. 

The webinar will be delivered bilingually, in English and Japanese by the British Council and Transform ELT research team: Professor Donna Hurst Tatsuki (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) and Ginny Rowlands (A researcher and consultant for TransformELT). 

This webinar aims to:

  • identify gendered representation in education
  • establish a shared understanding of key gender issues found in EFL learning materials and how they impact children and their learning: Stereotyping, Gender bias, Gendered discourse, with reference to the British Council research into Junior High School EFL textbooks
  • aid understanding of gender bias components through analyses of typical EFL content: images and dialogues
  • consider the role of teachers in managing gender representation
  • introduce the toolkit to Gender Balance Framework for evaluating EFL materials for gender bias and guiding decisions about their usage

About the presenters

Donna Tatsuki

Professor Emerita at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, researches cross-cultural pragmatics, the representations of gender/ethnicity in government approved language textbooks, and ELF driven multi-party talk-in-interaction in MUN simulations. She has taught in Canada and Japan.

Ginny Rowlands

A researcher and consultant for TransformELT with hands-on experience of designing, implementing and evaluating pre-service and in-service teacher professional development programmes. Ginny recently instigated a learning community specifically for English language teachers and teacher educators in Myanmar. In 2022, she led research investigating Online Continuing Professional Development among English Language Teachers in ASEAN.

Event dates, times and venue

Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Time: 15:00-16:00 (JST)

Theme: Exploring Gender Roles in English Textbooks in Japan

Participation Fee: Free

Language: English

Registration: Click here to register

Contact: E-mail to English Education, British Council