David Shrigley

David Shrigley is an acclaimed and widely popular contemporary British artist who was born in Macclesfield in the north of England in 1968. He studied at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and now lives in Brighton in southeast England. He was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2013 and, in 2016, his seven metre tall bronze sculpture Really Good showing an elongated ‘thumb’s up,’ was selected for one of the most important public art commissions in the UK - the ‘fourth plinth’ in Trafalgar Square. Shrigley is best known for his drawings, which make witty observations about situations in everyday life. His work taps into a particularly British sense of humour and is regularly reproduced in magazines, and on T-shirts, badges and greetings cards. He has been described as ‘one of only a few artists who manages to have one foot planted firmly in popular culture, with his cartoons and his books, which have a cult following, and another foot firmly in the art world. He can span these spheres with ease.’

Interview films

About the Artist
In this film, David Shrigley invites us into his Brighton studio to tell us more about his career and practice.

Five things you didn’t know about David Shrigley
David Shrigley was born in 1968 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. But what else do you know about him? From dreadlocks to dead dogs, Shrigley himself tells us five things you didn't know about him.

Shrig on Shrig
Watch Shrigley's take on his 'official British Council biography'.

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