The British Council organised the Digital Creative Conference in Feb 2011, bringing together artists, curators and creative thinkers from Japan and the UK to facilitate a conversation on the theme of ‘digital transformation for the cultural sector’.

There was an exciting and in-depth discussion among speakers as well as global audiences via online. Check out the highlight video for the conference,

Date: 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun) February 2011
Venue: Roppongi Academy Hills
Organised by: the British Council


Bill Thompson (New media pioneer, BBC journalist) / Presentation
Jim Richardson (Managing Director, SUMO Design) / Presentation
Drew Hemment (Founder, FutureEverything & Associate Director, ImaginationLancanter) / Presentation
Clare Reddington (Director, iShed and the Pervasive Media Studio) / Presentation
Duncan Speakman (Artist) / Presentation

Fumio Nanjo (Director, Mori Art Museum)
Taro Igarashi (Professor of Tohoku University)
Wakato Onishi (Senior Staff Writer, Asahi Shimbun)
Chiaki Soma (Programme Director, Festival/Tokyo)
Koshi Uchiyama (GT INC. Creative Director)
Mami Kataoka (Chief Curator at Mori Art Museum)
Akiko Takeshita (Performing arts producer /Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media)
Daito Manabe (Artist / Rhizomatiks / Hackers space 4nchor5 Lab)
Fumihiko Sumitomo (Curator)
Kazuhiko Hachiya (Media artist)
Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks/Artist)

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