Cultural leadership meeting

Imagining the role of cultural leadership for the future

At the beginning of the 21st century, human values and social structures throughout the world have reached a crisis point, and both the role of culture and the significance of creativity have been changing. The Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011 caused those not only in Tokyo but also in regions throughout Japan to take a new look at the nature of community and communication, and to actively develop alternative new practices in an attempt to reform society.

Recently in the arts and creative industry sector of the UK attention has increasingly been paid to those organisations and individuals who make a significant contribution to wider society, and at policy level. Since 2005 a number of programmes under the banner of cultural leadership have been offered by both government and the private sector.

In this meeting we invited speakers active in a variety of fields to introduce examples from the UK and to engage in a far-reaching discussion around the role of creativity in leading the development of society. With an emphasis on the cultivation of the next generation of leaders, we examined the meaning and role of cultural leadership in Japan and how to support sustainable action in the long term. There was also a sub-session with two other cities, Sendai and Kyoto who connected with Tokyo to share their views.

Date: Wednesday 15 February 2012
Venue: Tokyo: Shibaura House
      Sendai: Trunk
      Kyoto: Hotel Anteroom
Organised by: British Council and Japan Foundation
Supported by: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.


Alex Fleetwood (Founder and Director, Hide&Seek)
Sue Hoyle (Director, Clore Leadership Programme)
John Newbigin (Chair, Creative England)
Eisuke Tachikawa (Representative of Olive project / founder of NOSIGNER)
Seiichi Saido (Rhizomatiks/Artist)
Sputniko! (Artist)
Shintaro Uchinuma (Representative of numabooks / Book Coordinator / Creative Director)
Junya Ymaide (Artist, Representative Director, Beppu Project)
Fumio Nanjo (Director, Mori Art Museum)

Takenori Miyamoto (Chief Curator, TUAD Centre for University as Museum)
Naoto Ogawa (Curator, Sendai Mediatheque / logue/ Arts Aid Tohoku)
Aya Takada (Representative, Birdo Flugas)
Daisuke Takahira (Imaging director / WOW / tomorrow at daybreak)
Yuki Harada (Cheif editor, Public/Image / RIMLAB)

Kentaro Mizutani (Technical Director / Design Engineer)
Wataru Sano (Art Director / Chief Editor, Refsign Magazine/ Part-time instructor, Ritsumeikan University, Seika University)
Kazutoshi Tsuda (Assistant Professor, Osaka University Creative Design Studio on Technology / Suitendo / FabLab Japan)
Subaru Matsukura (Creative Director / Planner)