Global career skills course created in partnership between the British Council and the University of Warwick

Global TIES (Training in Intercultural Effectiveness)

Partner: The Global TIES long-distance course in global career skills is a collaborative initiative between the British Council and the University of Warwick.

The idea for the programme came about from a desire to help UK institutions market their courses to Japanese students who could not take part in a conventional study abroad programme. A short-term course was created with interactive e-learning materials and live video lectures for Japanese students to get a taster of UK education and inspire them to study in the UK. 

The theme of the course, global career skills, was chosen because of the growing demand from the Japnese government and industry for global human resources, with the ability to compete in the international workplace. A formal bidding process for UK institutions took place and the University of Warwick was selected based on its expertise in the area of global skills and long distance learning. 

The British Council worked with the University of Warwick to design a course that would match the needs of Japanese students, focusing on teaching the skills required by the Japanese government and industries, such as intercultural understanding, leadership ability and group work skills. The course has been designed for three target audiences: university students, professionals and university staff involved in international initiatives. The course has been customised to suit the needs of the particular audience – for example, the course for university students contains training for job interviews. 

The full version of the programme is designed to be taken over the course of one to two months. The e-learning materials are supplemented by live video lectures which enable students to interact directly with the teachers from Warwick in a UK-style lecture atmosphere. The programme has already been successfully staged with university students and staff as well as company employees. The feedback from all sessions staged to date has been extremely positive, with students commenting that it had instilled them with the confidence to work in a global environment. Some students also expressed an interest in continuing their studies in the UK…

Video footage of the trial sessions and feedback from participants can be seen in the below video.

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