Cultivating international understanding and global skills among elementary school students

Supported by: Intel, Panasonic and Career Link

Purpose of the project:
To cultivate 21st century and global skills among students through Fukuoka’s education programme to enhance international understanding.

Characteristics of the programme:

  • Project-style learning where students are given a mission to solve.
  • Cultural exchange with students visiting Japan from abroad.
  • Direct provision of skills by corporate employees and specialists.


  • Using Kids Witness News, a video production educational programme provided by Panasonic, the students created a two minute information programme.
  • The students met the youth ambassadors attending the NPO Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka (APCC), filmed their experience and incorporated it into their final videos.

During the project the students learned skills for pin-pointing and solving issues. Specifically, they learned to predict and use information through the planning and production process and acquired communication and presentation skills through preparing a final report presentation.

Note: Intel provided teacher training to maximise optimal support for the students’ production process.

The British Council provided English lesson plans and English learning materials.