It is through mutually beneficially relationships with our partners that we are able to reach millions of people around the world. In Japan, we have been working with a variety of businesses and institutions for over 60 years.  

Our partners and organisations include:

(British governmental organisations, British organisation)

British Embassy
The British Council works together with the British Embassy on public diplomacy.

The British Council shares a Memorandum of Understanding with VisitBritain.

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ)
The British Council is a member of the BCCJ Executive Committee.

Other partners

Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation supports the British Council work in the areas of science education, arts and school exchange.

Eiken Foundation of Japan
Eiken Foundation of Japan is working together with the British Council to deliver IELTS in Japan from April 2010.

The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation supports our work in school exchanges between Japan and the UK.

The Japan-British Society
The Japan-British Society supports the British Council work to promote a better relationship between Japan and the UK.

The Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation works with us on cultural exchange activities such as symposia and conferences.

One Young World Japan 
One Young World Japan and British Council Japan are working together to prepare Japan’s next-generation leaders for the global marketplace.

The Royal Instituion
The Royal Instituion is a partner of The British Council for Christmas Lecture in Japan since 1990.

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