Question No.6

Student Name
LUFC (4th grade/ Public elementary school)

Primary Plus Online

I really enjoy taking online lessons, it is just as fun and interesting as the one in the classroom! 

In the online lessons, we learn English through various kind of fun activities. For example, in the last lesson, our teacher introduced an online board game which we students talked to each other to practice talking about plans or things we are going to do soon, which was what we were studying this week. 

Every time, 60 minutes goes by so fast. I feel my teacher and classmates are close even though we are online. I  look forward to seeing them each class.  

For the guided learning I do before or after class I do fun and interesting reading, matching and writing which are connected to things we do in class. It takes me a about 60 minutes during the week but it goes quickly  because I can learn English in such a fun way. The three hours a week are fun and interesting and they really help my English improve!

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