Monday 22 July 2019 - 17:00 to Friday 02 August 2019 - 20:00
British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)

[Summer English Intensive Course for High School Students]

We are pleased to announce that this summer, the British Council in Japan is trialling an exciting new British Council-owned Secondary English Course, Upper Secondary Plus. The course has been successfully trialled, gaining excellent feedback from learners and teachers throughout the British Council network.

Secondary Plus is a modern and innovative English course which is unique to the British Council. The course has been written in consultation with a team of experienced British Council course writers, who know and understand the needs and wants of our teenage students and provides clear real-life outcomes via interesting and challenging tasks and projects.

The course materials are delivered in an exciting magazine-style format, which learners are issued each week. Stimulating up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks provide the incentive for students to develop their communication skills in English, as well as the core skills for learning.

Learning to learn is another key feature of Upper Secondary Plus which enables learners to become more effective and independent language learners. Throughout the course learners are guided and supported by their teacher and peers so they build positive relationships and learn with and from each other.

Secondary Plus also links to the British Council’s highly acclaimed Learn English Teens website, which provides students with additional stimulating and engaging learning content.

Basic course information

  • Delivered in an engaging magazine-style format
  • A modular, project-based approach: stimulating up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks provide incentive for students to develop their communication skills in English
  • Learning how to learn: Secondary Plus encourages students to learn how to learn so they become more effective and independent language learners
  • Development of core skills for learning: Secondary Plus develops the core skills and competencies of: critical thinking and problem-solving; communication and collaboration; citizenship; creativity and imagination; digital literacy; student leadership and personal development. 

Course aims and outcomes

Students’ progress is monitored by the teacher in each lesson as part of an ongoing assessment measurement tool. Student’s performance in four key skill areas is assessed (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and performance in other non-linguistic areas including teamwork, task completion, and behaviour.

At the end of the course, each student will receive a progress report. The report will have specific details on areas of good performance, and areas where improvement can be made along with practical advice and suggestions for further development. 

Minimum entrance requirements

Students must have a minimum CEFR level of B1 to enrol.


Date and time: Student can choose 1 week (15 hours) or 2 weeks (30 hours) 

  • Week 1: Monday 22 July - Friday 26 July 2019, 17.00-20.00  3 hours x 5 days, Total 15 hours
  • Week 2: Monday 29 July - Friday 2 Aug 2019, 17.00-20.00  3 hours x 5 days, Total 15 hours
  • Week 1+Week 2: Monday 22 July to Friday 2 Aug 2019, 17.00-20.00  3 hours x 10 days, Total 30 hours

Course fee

  • 1 week (15 hours): 58,500JPY(excl. tax) Materials included. No registration fee required.
  • 2 weeks (30 hours): 105,300JPY(excl. tax)* Materials included. No registration fee required.
    *10% discount if you register for 2 weeks.  10% is available only for those who book 2 weeks before the start of week 1. 

Age: Students must be 15-18 years old when the course starts on 22 July 2019. (Japanese high school years 1-3)

Venue: British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)

How to register

Take a placement test before registering

* If possible, please come with your parent.
* Placement test: Brief reading and speaking test


British Council English Teaching Centre (Tue-Fri 9.30-20.30, Sat&Sun 9.30-17.00)

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