There are a lot of them. From the common ones like black cats, or the unlucky number 13, to more Russian-specific superstitions. For example, whistling. It’s said that if you whistle too much, you will whistle away all your money. Or before a long journey, just before leaving home, you should stop and sit for a moment. This will trick evil spirits into thinking you are not going anywhere, meaning they will not follow you. 

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Saudi Arabia

Wearing clothes the wrong way round brings bad luck.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

A widow can't wear makeup for forty days after her husband’s funeral.



When we are walking on the road and we see a cat cross the road, we think that this is bad luck. Sometimes when it happens here in Tokyo I feel uneasy!


There are a lot of customs and superstitions in Mongolia. For example, shake hands if you have stepped on someone's foot. Find out more details.