British Council,Japan


Susmita Pudasaini

Which country are you from?


What is your first language? 


Why did you decide to study English at the British Council in Japan?

Because I want to get a good mark in the IELTS exam.

What prompted you to start studying?

Now I am living in Tokyo with my family. I have just finished my high school education in my country. To be able to study in Japan in English, it is necessary to take the IELTS exam. As I want to get a good mark in the exam, I joined the British Council here in Tokyo.

What are the best things about studying with the British Council?

Of course, I have learnt lots of things that I didn’t know before. It has also really helped me improve my IELTS score.

Do you feel you have made progress in developing your English skills?


Where do you see the most difference?

Taking the course has helped me to see what is involved in the exam, how to get good marks and how to manage my time in the exam.

Did you know about the British Council when you were in your home country?

Maybe my friends knew about the British Council, but I had not heard about it. I first heard about it when I came to Japan.

What are your goals when studying English?

I started learning English when I was a child, but I am not perfect yet! Nobody is perfect of course, but I want to give 100% effort to improve my English.

What is your favourite food from your country?

Are there any interesting traditions or superstitions in your country?


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