British Council,Japan


Mavambu Dibanatina 

Which country are you from?

Democratic Republic of Congo 

What is your first language?


Why did you decide to study English at the British Council in Japan?

I am a French speaker and I joined the British Council to improve my English skills. 

What prompted you to start studying?

Learning English is on my bucket list and it’s the thing I want to accomplish the most in my lifetime. My dream is to become fluent in English, even though it is not easy as I am living in a country where English is not the main language. 

What are the best things about studying with the British Council?

Personally speaking, I joined the British Council because I am very interested in learning British English. 

Do you feel you have made progress in developing your English skills?


Where do you see the most difference?

I have improved my listening skills.

Did you know about the British Council when you were in your home country?

No, because we don't have it in my country.

What are your goals when studying English?

As I said above, fluency is my priority in English.

What is your favourite food from your country?

Are there any interesting traditions or superstitions in your country?


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