British Council,Japan


Andrei Krutikov 

Which country are you from?


What is your first language?


Why did you decide to study English at the British Council in Japan?

I am interested in studying British English from native speakers. The British Council is the best place to do this in Tokyo.

What prompted you to start studying?

Since I am not proficient in Japanese but want to discuss complex topics, I decided that attending one of the discussion-like groups in English would help me achieve that and, moreover, would improve my English. 

What are the best things about studying with the British Council?

Great teachers.

Various accents to help you improve your listening ability.

Short feedback loop that allows you to quickly fix your mistakes.

Good selection of topics.

Do you feel you have made progress in developing your English skills?


Where do you see the most difference?

Pronunciation, range of vocabulary and collocations.

Did you know about the British Council when you were in your home country?

I did know about its existence but had never attended. 

What are your goals when studying English?

English is a major world language and my job involves reading scientific articles, most of which are written in English. Also, there are cultural and social events that are conducted in English. I am interested in expressing my thoughts and feelings in a precise manner to as many people as possible. 

What is your favourite food from your country?

Are there any interesting traditions or superstitions in your country?


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