What is your favourite food from your country?

I do like buckwheat porridge and borscht. I think these are the two top foods that I miss the most.

Could you describe the food and tell us why you like it?

Buckwheat porridge is obviously porridge made from buckwheat. Many people are not even aware of the fact that you can boil buckwheat! But this is one of the most popular garnishes in Russian cuisine. The main ingredient in borscht soup is beetroot. It has a distinctive purple colour and a slightly sweet taste.

When do you eat it?

It is quite a common thing to eat for lunch. There is also a cold version of borscht which is quite popular on hot summer days because of the refreshing taste of cold vegetables!

Are there any restaurants in Tokyo where we can try this food?

I highly doubt it. In Japan, buckwheat is only used to make soba noodles. Good borscht is hard to cook, and there isn’t really a soup culture here like there is in Russia.

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