What is your favourite food from your country?

I love to eat ‘dal bhat Tarkari achar’ which means ‘rice, pulses, vegetables and radish pickle’.

Could you describe the food and tell us why you like it?

It is the national food of Nepal. ‘Bhat’ is rice and ‘dal’ is a pulse, which looks like a soup. ‘Tarkari’ is made of vegetables, which can be made with any vegetable and sometimes it’s made with meat too. It also has a pickle made of raw radish. After drying the radish we mix it with oil, spices and chili and after a couple days it is ready to eat – it’s very tasty. 

When do you eat it?

People eat it every day for lunch and dinner too. Nepalese people love to eat it.

Are there any restaurants in Tokyo where we can try this food?

Yes, of course. There are lots of restaurants in Tokyo. In Shin Okubo there are lots of Nepalese restaurants with various types of Nepalese food. 

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