myClub is a free programme for students of the British Council, to enjoy communicating in English outside of regular lessons. There is no need to book or reserve a seat; you can join in for free. Every day there is a different topic, with a different teacher teaching and you can have fun learning and practicing your English is a relaxed and friendly environment, meet new teachers and learn about British culture.

The Teacher Presents…
Listen to the teacher presenting a topic such as their home town or hobby and talk with each other about that topic.

Learner Training
Learn about different skills, techniques and resources for studying (e.g. language learning apps, how to improve your vocabulary)

Sports Review
Talk about things which have happened in sports that week from the UK and all over the world.

Top Ten
Listen to the teacher presenting their top ten lists on a particular theme (e.g. top ten places in UK, top ten favourite food) and present your own list.

News and Reviews
Talk about events in the news that week from the UK and all over the world.

Music Lounge
Listen to a famous song and look at the meaning of the lyrics and the background to the song.

Fun and Games
Play games that encourage you to communicate and practice English (e.g. pictionary, blind drawing or charades).

Jukebox Jury
Listen to some of today's most popular songs and give your opinions on them.

Lets Talk about
Talk to one another about a topic the teacher has chosen (e.g. let's talk about holidays, favourite foods, technology)

International Issues and Celebrations
Learn about and celebrate different celebrations and important days from UK and around the world