Our Secondary Plus Online courses for teenage students are available now!

Wherever you are in Japan, you can join our classes.

Online classes are real, meaningful education!

Secondary Plus Online offers teenage students the opportunity to engage with the British Council Secondary Plus course and teacher in 3 hours of learning per week which consists of:

  • two live online classes per week (60 minutes each) where students can communicate and collaborate with their teacher and fellow students.
  • 60 minutes of interactive Guided Learning on our child-friendly and secure online platform before and after the live online classes, with a focus on vocabulary and grammar through project-based tasks.
  • homework and project work for students to consolidate their learning after class. 

You will join a small group along with other students at the same level in one of our friendly classes, led by a British Council teacher. You will work through a project-based module in the online classroom and take part in online interactive practice activities. You will be able to access online content before the online class so that you can prepare, and you will have some activities to complete after the class is finished as you work towards a final project. 

Benefits of our online classes:

  • British Council teachers with professional teaching qualifications and extensive experience teaching both adults and children 
  • a small group class up to 10 students
  • face-to-face real-time interactions with classmates, rather than just doing worksheets
  • meaningful interaction with teachers
  • the opportunity to develop digital literacy skills in a safe environment with support from teacher and classmates 
  • pre-lesson and post-lesson activities can be done at your own pace and reviewed as many times as necessary 
  • tasks and project work for students to consolidate their learning after class
  • our specially-created online materials provide practice in developing your  vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. These tasks will help you deepen understanding in the live online lessons.
  • personal dashboard where you can track your learning progress
  • continued learning in a safe environment in accordance with British Council Safeguarding policies

Teaching Approaches

Secondary Plus makes use of three communicative teaching methods: task-based learning (TBL), communicative language teaching (CLT) and content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

  • What is CLIL?
    Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is based on the idea of ‘using language to learn, learning to use language’. This means students learn language while learning about other subjects, for example history, science and geography.
  • What is TBL?
    Task-based learning (TBL) puts an emphasis on task completion, with freedom to use any suitable language. Very often, tasks will have some real-world connection (for example, solving problems or making comparisons) and students have a chance to repeat tasks in order to make improvements and to have better opportunities for reflection.
  • What is CLT?
    Communicative language teaching (CLT) focuses on interaction and fluency. There is a high level of personalisation and a focus on using authentic, real-life texts.


Secondary Plus materials consist of ‘magazines’ which are short textbooks that have been created, tested and refined by the British Council globally. Stimulating up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks provide the incentive for students to develop their communication skills in English, as well as the core skills for learning.

Interactive Guided Learning

Each week, before the live class, you will have one hour of interactive guided learning set by your teacher so that you are prepared to the live lesson. This new part of the learning experience helps you to deepen the understanding of English through discussion with your classmates. This online learning platform consist of varied activities, where you could practice developing grammar, reading and writing.

Course Aims and Outcomes

Academic and exam skills are integrated into each module. Real world topics and language skills are matched with local school curricula and the demands of school exams. You will:

  •  gain confidence in speaking English and develop communication skills through  project-based activities such as presentations, fun debates, vlogging and interviews
  •  practice the skills and strategies you need for success in school exams
  • develop core learning skills to help you succeed in the future whilst having lots of fun along the way;
    critical thinking and problem-solving; communication and collaboration; citizenship; creativity and imagination; digital literacy; student leadership and personal development. 

·       learn how to learn so you become more effective and independent learners.
You will use online and in-class activities to develop and revise your language skills and follow a curriculum that supports personal growth by treating you as an individual.


We are offering online courses at Level 1 & 2 for Lower Secondary and Level 1 - 3 for Upper Secondary, with placement according to the English ability of students. Courses are for students with a range of abilities.

Saturday 30 May 2020 – Tuesday 7 July [3 hours x 6 weeks]
Live online class (1 hour x 2 days /week) : Saturday and Tuesday
*Timetable: Please see 'Secondary Plus Online Timetable' below.
*You can register for the course even after the term has started. The latest date for starting is Saturday June 6th for Secondary Plus classes.

Lower Secondary: Students aged between 12 - 15  years old (Japanese Junior High School students)
Upper Secondary: Students aged between 15 - 18 years old (Japanese High School students)

*This online course is for residents of Japan only.

Level 1,2 (Lower Secondary) / Level 1-3 (Upper Secondary)
* Please refer to ‘Progression Chart’ below.

We are the world’s English experts. All British Council teachers hold professional teaching qualifications including CELTA, DELTA, PGCE, MA TEFL, TYLEC. They have extensive experience teaching both adults and children. 
Meet some of our teachers here.


10 persons / class

Course Fee 

6 weeks (3 hours x 6 week / 18 hours in total) : 77,220 yen (incl tax) 
*Online materials are included. No registration fee required.

Technical Requirements

  • a desktop computer, laptop and tablet (mobile devices are not supported)
  • a good Wi-Fi connection
  • a microphone (headset recommended), a speaker and a webcam
  • in a quiet place in the home where students will not be distracted