Presentation course

Mat Wright

Success With Presentations:  6, 13, 20, 27 March 2022 (Sunday 10:00-13:00) *Total 12 hours 

Theme Summary:

Presenting an idea in a persuasive and professional way can change the course of your career. Increase the quality of your work by learning how to plan, structure and deliver your presentation so that you can communicate your ideas persuasively, and engage with your audience in a calm and confident manner.

Course objectives:

  • plan and structure your presentation to meet audience needs
  • communicate your ideas in a compelling and persuasive way
  • appear professional and credible, even in challenging situations


12 hours: 52,140  yen (including tax) 

Special offer! No registration fee is required for this course.

【Level】Intermediate and above
* Minimum scores: CEFR B1.2, IELTS 5.0 overall (minimum 5.0 in Speaking and 5.0 in Writing),TOEFL IBT 50, TOEIC 700

【Lesson style】Group lesson 


* This course is available for students (or people) aged 18 years and over.

Registration for this course is closed.



British Council English Teaching Centre

How are the four lessons organised?

Over the course, you will prepare a presentation to be delivered in the final lesson. On the first day, you will introduce yourself to your classmates, decide on a presentation theme, and learn a four-step process for preparing your presentation. In the following lessons, you will build up your presentation visuals and script, with feedback from the teacher, in order to give a successful presentation in the final week. 

How do participants practise their presentation online?

Business presentations are increasingly online. On the course, the teacher will use the features of Zoom to enable you to plan, prepare, practise and present your presentation. You will use the screen-sharing function to deliver your final presentation online.

What progress can participants expect make?

Participants on the course improve in many ways. One key improvement is being able to hold the audience's attention. Participants learn how to create a more engaging opening to their presentation, and they learn a number of useful phrases to signal to the audience what the presentation is about. Many participants also find it useful to think about how to create effective PowerPoint slides, something which is often an afterthought in quickly put together work presentations. Finally, all participants make progress with their English - over the course, your teacher will give you feedback and correction on your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

What is the advantage of group lessons as opposed to one-to-one lessons?

It's rare that you have to present to one person - having a group lesson means you will have an audience for your final presentation, and you will also learn a lot from being in the audience watching others present. And of course, talking about your ideas and practising parts of your presentation with your peers will help you get a range of perspectives on how you can improve.