About this course

The British Council tailors unique English language courses for schools. We use textbooks where appropriate, alongside materials created in-house by our highly qualified and experienced team of ELT (English Language Teaching) professionals.

This customised, flexible, and responsive approach means that we can deliver courses for students of any age or level from elementary to senior high school.

About these courses

We can provide your school with custom-made courses to suit the exact needs of your school and students. We have over 20 years’ experience of teaching in both the public and private school sector, and can deliver programmes linked to your existing curriculum or as specific course requirements.

Course objectives

Specific course objectives are agreed between your school and the British Council to ensure your students’ exact needs are met and to achieve the following aims:

  • to increase your students’ ability and confidence using English through our communicative and humanistic approach
  • to aid student’s preparation for future study
  • to provide high quality, effective English language courses which make your school more attractive for potential students.

Course assessment

Depending on the type of course and your school’s requirements, the British Council can provide individual reports on students’ progress, design tests or undertake continuous assessment.

Calendar and pricing

* British Council provide teachers at your school. Alternatively we have an office in Tokyo so your course can be delivered in our school.

* Your students can also join our regular courses at our Iidabashi, Marunouchi and Yokohama centres.

* Please contact us for a quote and to let us know when you would like to arrange classes