Mat Wright

To support your studies this spring, we are running a special myClass campaign.

Sign up for a myClass 60 lesson package before 28th April 2021, to get all the credits back for the lessons you take for the first month.

*myClass covers a wide range of everyday, social, business, culture, academic and writing English topics. You can decide how many lessons from each theme you wish to do depending on your interests and learning needs. You will have the opportunity to learn and use natural phrases and vocabulary through practical language tasks. Every 20 lessons, there is a one-on-one 30-minute interview with a teacher, in which you will discuss your progress and get advice.

Maximum number of lessons you can get for free (1 month )

Elementary: 24 lessons (36 hours)
Pre-Intermediate:36 lessons (54 hours)
Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate: 60 lessons (90 hours)
Advanced: 56 lessons (84 hours)

If you take 2 myClass lessons every week in your first month, we will give you 8 lesson credits (12 hours) back!
If you take the maximum of 24 lessons in your first month, we will give you 24 lesson credits (36 hours) back! 

  • Registration deadline for credit back campaign:  Wednesday 28 April 2021
  • ligible students:  15 new myClass students who register for myClass 60 packages (First come, first served)
  • Levels Applicable:  Elementary,Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced

British Council English Teaching Centre 
Email: courses@britishcouncil.or.jp