Try out five weeks and experience a new way of learning English!

Are you interested in your children starting new English learning but need to know more about the classes to find the best fit for your child? Then how about trying out our new five-week packages to get a feel for our classes?

British Council’s English course for young learners is shaped by 80 years of experience teaching and is trusted by over 400,000 learners worldwide every year. In the courses, students will tackle real-life tasks, work in groups and craft researched answers and find innovative solutions. The tasks are specially designed to match their developmental level, ensuring familiarity to the situation they learn in. Every five weeks, they will work on one topic with various type of activities and tasks using globally designed materials (magazines) and will do a presentation as a final task on the last day. Student progress is monitored by the teacher and feedback is given each lesson.

Based on the principle of effective teaching in a positive environment, we believe these combined aspects elevate English from a short-term outcome to a lifelong skill. This helps to enable your child to work towards a future where they can succeed in a global world and enjoy using English with others.

*Please see the ‘Primary Plus 2020  Syllabus’ and ‘‘Secondary Plus 2020  Syllabus’ for more details.


Primary Plus: English for Primary School Kids [5 weeks]

Starting date: Sunday 11 October 2020
Date and time: Every Sunday *Times differ by level. For details, see the ‘Course details’ page.
Level: Primary Plus Starter, 1- 5 
>>Course details

Lower Secondary Plus: English for Junior High School Students [5 weeks]

Starting date: [Saturday course] Saturday 10 October 2020 [Tuesday & Thursday course] Tuesday 6 October 2020
Time: [Saturday course (3 hours)] 17:30-20:30 [Tuesday & Thursday course (1.5 hours x 2 times a week)] 18:00-19:30
Level: 1, 2 
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Upper Secondary Plus: English for High School Students [5 weeks]

Starting date: Saturday 10 October 2020
Date & Time: Every Saturday 17:30-20:30
Level: 2, 3 
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Course Fee

58,500 yen (excl tax)/ 3,900 yen (excl tax) per hour
*Materials included. No registration fee required.