Build your English and a sustainable world with Minecraft!

In this year’s summer holiday course at the British Council, you will be challenged to explore and tackle the real-life topic and global issues while developing your English skills at Secondary Plus, a global English course designed especially for teenagers with fun and memorable activities using the immersive and interactive game platform Minecraft: Education Edition.

One day, you are writing an article about films. Another, you are discussing the life at the edge of civilisation with classmates. Each week, you will learn about different up-to-date topics and issues, and how they affect you and the world around you through range of tasks and project to work on with classmates. From research, discussion to presentation in small groups, you are supported by your teacher and classmates to build positive relationships and learn with, and from, each other.

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

A game-based learning platform that promotes skills that develop STEM knowledge (e.g. interacting with the physics of the environment they create), creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive digital environment. Educators in more than 115 countries are using Minecraft: Education Edition across the curriculum. Let them learn English while having fun with an exciting holiday course featuring Minecraft Education Edition. Their confidence and communication skills will soar with every lesson. Let the adventure begin!

[Teacher's blog] Block by Block: Building English skills with Minecraft

 Example of the Topics and Projects

Course Topic  Language skills Project
 Junior Secondary Plus 1 Films (Movies)  - Talking about future plans
- Talking about holiday activities
- Making suggestions 
Create a film
Minecraft: Create the world of your film, scene by scene. Make a trailer or a tour using iMovie 
 Junior Secondary Plus 2 Tourism and the problems it causes  - Talking about future plans and arrangements, and actions in progress in the future
- Using time adverbials to talk about when, how frequently and for how long something happens
- Talking about tourism and problems it causes. 
Create a presentation for an eco-resort
Minecraft: Design your resort and make a short video walk-through of it/advertisement
Senior Secondary Plus  Life at the edge of civilisation - Modals for possibility and probability. - Vocabulary to describe remote regions and harsh climates.  Plan a round-the-world trip 
Minecraft: Create your own remote region and show how people are living in it

The following is an example of how the Summer Holiday Course lessons are structured:

9:00-10:30 (90 mins) Secondary Plus
10:45-12:00 (90 mins) Secondary Plus
13:00-14:45 (105 mins) Minecraft Activities
15:00-16:00 (60 mins)
Secondary Plus - Minecraft Project link

 ※ Topic and Schedule differ every week depending on the class (level).
※ This course includes using Minecraft: Education Edition, but it is not an official program organized by Microsoft or Mojang.

How can I track my child’s progress?

Students will receive a progression report at the end of every week. Those who attend all 3 weeks will receive Certificate of Completion as well. 



12-18 year olds (Suitable for Japanese Junior High School grades 1-3 and High School grades 1-3)


Secondary Plus (Junior High School students): CEFR level A1&2, B1&2

Upper Secondary Plus (High School students): CEFR level B1

*Students must have a minimum CEFR level A1 to enrol. We will recommend a level/class that suits you due to the results of placement test and supervision by our teachers.

  • There will be a 5 to 10 minute placement test for your child with a consultant on the day. Please come to the centre with your child for the consultation session.

Date and Time

Week 1: Monday 24July – Friday 28 July 2023, 9.00-16.00
Week 2: Monday 31 July – Friday 4 August 2023, 9.00-16.00
Week 3: Monday 7 August – Friday 11 August 2023, 9.00-16.00

* 6 hours of classes a day x 5 days per week  
* 1-hour lunch time and 30 minutes of break times per day
* Students can choose from 1 week, up to 3 weeks. Magazine topic differs every week.
* Due to the daily nature of the courses we cannnot offer 'study support' catch-up sessions for students who miss lessons.


British Council (Iidabashi, Tokyo)

Class style

Group lesson (Class capacity: 15 students)


All British Council teachers hold professional teaching qualifications including CELTA, DELTA, PGCE, MA TESOL and TYLEC. They have extensive experience teaching children. 

>>Meet our teachers

Course Fee

Duration Price Bundle discount
1 week (30 hours) 132,000 yen (incl tax) -
2 weeks (60 hours) 264,000 yen (incl tax)  -
3 weeks (90 hours) 396,000yen (incl tax)  10% discount: 356,400 yen

* All materials are included.
* The 10% discount will be applied at the time of registration for 3 weeks. 
* Registration Fee: 27,500 yen (including tax)  * only applicable if this is the first course you book with us. 
* The application deadline for each course:  Week 1: 19 July, Week 2: 26 July, Week 3: 2 Aug.  

Early Bird Campaign 

1. No registration fee until 31 May 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity and register now !
2. Re-registering for regular courses (term 2 and term 3) will qualify for a 10% discount.