Question No.6

We interviewed students of Primary Plus course and their parents. Why did they choose Primary Plus for English learning? How did the parents see their child’s growth by studying at this course?

Student Name
LUFC (3rd grade/ Public elementary school)

Primary Plus 3

Why did you decide to let your child study at Primary Plus?
Because of the British Council’s reputation.

How do you see your child’s growth by studying at Primary Plus?
My son became confident in speaking English including presentations. Also, I found his attitude in reading became more positive.

Which lesson was most impressive?
[Student’s voice]
The lesson of ‘Eating Out’ at the parents day and Cubetto lesson (lesson to learn basic programming robots) was interesting.

[Parent’s voice]
The “Help” project which contains CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)was impressive for me. Also, the teacher made the “Dress up!” project interesting for boys too including my son who are not much interested in clothing.

How do you want to make use of the skills you earned at the Primary Plus? In which skill do you want to improve further?
[Student’s voice]
I would like to make use of my speaking skill especially when I travel England.

[Parent’s voice]
I hope my son could have natural conversation with native English speakers. Also, I hope he could improve skills of Critical Thinking.

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